Meet Match Fit Performance!

A physical therapy practice focused on sport performance, lifestyle, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Founders Erwin Seguia and Rena Eleázar, wanted to create a space to give athletes the tools to succeed. They started the practice after years of frustrating work at traditional physical therapy clinics. Erwin says that because of insurance policies, he would often have to see 4-6 clients an hour and only be able to spend a certain amount of time with them, which didn’t allow him to care for each client fully the way he wanted to. Seeing the lack of attention that clients were often given- the co-founders started their own practice where they would be able to offer a higher quality of care to each client, and where they wouldn’t be handcuffed to traditional insurance restrictions. As injured athletes themselves, Erwin a soccer player and Rena a competitive swimmer, the two know what it’s like to sit on the sidelines. Having their own practice allows them to give clients the individual attention they need to heal and get in the right mindset. Rena encourages that “mindset can create big window for a lot of things and improve results even more.”

Erwin and Rena offer more than just physical therapy, and want to change the way it is viewed. Their fist step with clients is to get them on the phone and review life trends before their injury and their current state. Tracking trends that possibly led to the injury can help manage related issues. The Match Fit therapy method assesses all aspects of life, not just anatomy and physiology- they talk about outside factors such as sleep, stress, emotional state, nutrition, hydration, etc. After assessing these factors, they are able to use a mix of manual physical therapy specific to each client’s needs. Most of their clients are active individuals dealing with chronic injury, frustration with training goals, or a plateau.

Their bottom line of care is to provide attention to detail, make clients feel valued, and get them back to their sport.
Whether you are still wound up from holiday travels, stuck at a desk all day, or sore from your workout yesterday, try out some of Match Fit’s favorite movements below:
This video was done in conjunction with Flywheel, but still applies!
1-2 sets of 20-30 second holds. Keep the core engaged and squeeze the hips!
5 reps, taking 30s between poses. Think about opening up the chest through the sternum (your breastbone) and bringing your ribcage down towards your hips when curling up.
5 reps, taking 30s between poses. Think about curling through the lower back in both directions here.
5 circles in both directions. Think about drawing big circles with your shoulder blades as you keep the core engaged. Avoid popping the ribcage out or moving your head around.