When we think of the colder months of the year we tend to think of wanting to be cozy and comfortable by a fireplace somewhere or cuddled next to your favorite person and even enjoying your ultimate comfort foods. The winter feels like a time for the ultimate excuse to indulge in comfort in all of it’s forms. We get it, trust us, we do!  We love an oversized sweatshirt paired with a golden milk latte just like the rest of you.  But what if the winter were actually a time for us to take life to the next level versus settle in to our comfort zone?  

Here at Wellth Collective we believe that putting our wellness first and striving to be the best versions of ourselves is a complete gift and so we indulge in that often. The best part is that we invite all of our Wellth Warriors (that means you!) to join us in the process. You can find out how to join us here

So when your mind goes directly to the loop of thoughts like “I just don’t feel like it” or “I would rather watch Stranger Things on Netflix then get up right now” are you willing to choose something different?  We get that it might not be possible every time, but how different would your life be if you began making an effort to choose something less comfortable but possibly more aligned with what you really want? We have a feeling that it might start to open things up for you in ways you never even knew were possible and that’s got us all kinds of excited.

Another thing we totes understand is the need to make some of these major mind shifts with the support of others. It’s not so fun doing this stuff all by ourselves so we have created loads of ways for you to get up, get out and get moving!  Sound good? We thought so.

Checkout our Studio Tour happening all over New York City with new classes added every Monday. Currently we have three killer workouts this week including panel discussions with some of the most inspiring founders out there, delicious treats and swag too!  RSVP here and be sure to let your bestie in on all the fun, classes are free with the ability to donate money to the incredible charity Test-400K which empowers women around the country.

So are you in?! We can’t wait to step out of our comfort zones and onto our mats with each of you and we promise to make it oh so worth it. You’re more than welcome to eat all the pie you want after class, just show up and get out of your own way. We can’t wait to sweat it out with you!